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A half year ago, I did something really brave, or some would say really stupid.

I joined in a mysterious organization called 007.

u may wonder what it is, spy, FBI, or maybe a terrorist organization.

Without exception, I was wondering the same when I first heard it.

Driven by the endless curiosity for new things,  I decided to find out the truth. and that was the very moment I decided to join in this mysterious club.

Then I found sth interesting, sth meaningful, and sth different about 007.

U record your life here, u share your experience here, u make friends here, u find partners here, and u may even find your love here.

u r free to talk, free to write, free to express different ideas.

if u r happy, we share your happiness.

if u feel sad, we wipe your tears.

If u want to try sth new,  u r encouraged to just do it.

If u r lost, we r always here waiting for u.

Sounds incredible, right?

If u r one of us, u will be one hundred percent sure of it. It truly is, incredible.

It really opened a new world to me.

For years, I had been afraid of socializing. I existed safely in my little world, but in my heart, I always wanted to reach out for everything new outside the world.

Time to take a step, I said to myself. Then I started writing, took initiative, that was my way to make a difference, thanks to 007.

If u r one of us, wish u a pleasant journey here. If u r still hesitating,  join us!u r gonna love it anyway!




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  • 草雅:how to join you?
    伊枝杪:@草雅 谢谢提醒。已经更新文章,文末扫码即可加入我们。不过加入前要想清楚哦,七天写一篇,一写写七年😝😝。
  • JOY121:看着班班的文章,再看看评论,我完全不敢说话:scream:
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  • 日三省吾身的夏君:很赞!不得不打赏啊~
    1.and that's the very moment -> that was the very moment
    2.Sounds like incredible -> Sounds incredible
    3.Then I start writing, take initiative -> started writing, took initiative
    云知知:@日三省吾身的夏君 妈呀,这厉害程度,一级膜拜!!
    伊枝杪:@日三省吾身的夏君 在夏君面前班门弄虎,见笑了哈哈哈。已修改
  • 云知知:I am very happy to accomplish this 007 journey with you!☺
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    the organization there are a lot of people so lovely。实在编不下去了,美君,老衲佩服你,英文能简单的表达这么丰富的意思,有种英文诗的感觉,棒棒哒
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